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For over 8 years, we have been compiling and categorising the most asked questions that we receive.
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Design & Contents

What do you need to get started?

We need your domain name, hosting access, logo, product names & categories, images, written content, and a description about how you want your website to look in terms of design and customization.

I have a couple of of sites I like – Can you design something similar or the same?

Yes, we can either draw inspiration from existing sites you like – or propose something entirely new.

What if I don’t like some aspects of the design and setup?

If you don’t like the website, we are willing to modify to the design. It would be best if we agree on the design before we begin the process so there won’t be any mistakes.

Are you able to write contents for the website?

Content creation does not fall within the scope of our works. However, we will be able to provide these services as an additional service request.

I don’t have a logo, what should I do now?

Although we offer branding as a service. However, logo creation also does not fall within the scope of our works. However, we will be able to provide these services as an additional service request.

If I need ecommerce website what would I require?

We would need a full list of your products images with their prices, titles and descriptions. If you already have your products listed on a market places such as Konga, Jumia, Etsy etc, then we can as well copy your products off these sites.

Do you also build Blogs?

Yes, we do.


Would I get business emails with my domain?

Yes you will get, as many as you want.

Where would my emails be hosted?

They will be hosted for free with your hosting company. Otherwise, please inform us if you would prefer using paid Google, Zoho or Outlook business suites, which  should cost about $5 per user.

Are my emails private?

As long as you are the only one with your login information, they are pretty much safe just like every other personal email.

How many emails can I have?

As much as your hosting permits you.

How do I log into my email accounts?

We always advice to use email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird or EmClient. However, you may choose to login via your domains webmail (

Can I send bulk emails with my email?

This can be considered as spam, plus every hosting has its limit.


What about backup of website?

We always integrate auto backup system on your websites so it will have monthly backups.

Do you provide an SSL as part of the project?

Yes. Every website that we develop comes with a 1 year free SSL certificate, after which, it would be your responsibility to renew.

Will Google be able to find my website?

Yes of course. We build every website having SEO in mind.

Is my website safe from hackers?

Yes, your website will be safe. We install a layer of security on all our websites to minimise brute force attacks. However, you may choose to purchase a security license from 3rd party security platforms.

Would my site be connected with my social network accounts?

Yes, we put social media into consideration when developing every website.

How would I keep track of my website visitors?

We do not usually include this in out services, but if it’s important to the client, then upon request, we will include this at no extra fees.

Workflow & Customer Satisfaction

How long for project from start to finish?

Small Scale:  Within 14 business days.

Medium Scale: Within 21 business days.

Enterprise: Within 30 business days. 

Custom: To be determined

What is your milestone structure?

We work on a two phase approach. The first phase focuses on the look and feel and the second on content of the site. At the end of the first phase we submit our first milestone (50%), which acts as a green light for us to go ahead with the remaining of the project. Second milestone is sent on delivery.

What if I’m not satisfied with the work?

There is no chance for it as customer satisfaction is our first priority and we will try to do every possible thing to make you satisfied with our work. Otherwise we will be happy to refund your payment which is the worst case,

Domain & Hosting

Would you provide my domain and web hosting?

You need to buy your domain because it is advisable for the client to own full rights and access to their domain and hosting properties!
If you already have a Domain that’s perfect, but if you don’t, we can assit you with the domain purchasing process. We usually use NameCheap as our service provider, however, we can work with your own choice of hosting service if you’d prefer that.

Are there limitations to the hosting plan that you provide?

The limitations depend on which hosting package that we agree to purchase. We usually start with a hosting package of 20GB of disk space and unmetered bandwidth, and this is powerful enough to host over 10 websites combined.

What kind of server reliability and uptime scores do you offer?

We do not own the web hosting company, but our experience with using Namecheap has shown that they offer 99% uptime guaranteed.

If I request you provide domain and hosting for me, for how many years would this be?

You may choose for us to help you purchase between 1-5 year plan. We usually recommend client to purchase per annum so they do not eventually get trapped in a service that no longer works well for them.

How easy it is to scale up/down?

Every web hosting account has various scalable packages. Upon your request, we can arrange for your hosting package to be upgraded or downgraded for you.

How many customers are on each server?

Your website would be the only website on its own shared hosting or VPS plan.


How do I send my products to you?

Send them via Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer or any other cloud service. 

Can my website take unlimited number of products?

Yes, your website can take all the products that you sell. However, we can only upload maximum of 30 products for a start. If you have more than 30 products, please communicate this with us for a different bargain.

How would I receive payments for my product sales?

You would receive payments via your choice of payment gateway. The average customer usually opts to using Paystack, Flutterwave or Quickteller.
Payments made on your website would be sent to your online account, then transferred to your local bank account.

I do not have any payment accounts, what can I do?

Simply create an account on any of your preferred platform and share the login details with us. If you’d like, we can help you to.

How do I keep track of my inventory

Your website would be built with that in mind. You will be able to conveniently manage stock and inventory from the back end of your website.

Maintenance & Management

How many revisions will be provided?

We will keep reveiwing your website until you are 100% satisfied.

Do you offer any post-project services?

Yes, we offer 30 days to fix any bugs or problems related to your website. Even if even if you’ve done something unintentionally and now you’re facing problems.

Will you give me login to manage website myself?

Yes, we will provide you complete login to backend so you can manage website yourself. We will also give you some videos to learn more about updating the website.

Will I need extra services during the project?

We do not believe in “hidden extras” and needless upselling. However, if you discover that there were additional things you really want – We would be happy to consider additional services to meet your evolving needs.

Will I be able to edit my website?

You can edit website easily, you will be able to add banners, text, images, contact info, descriptions of images, and if your website is an ecommerce website, you will be able to add and delete products, as well as their pricing and changing their images and descriptions if need be.

What happens if I lose my website in the process of making changes to it?

We cannot take responsibility if after delivery of website for any changes are made to critical files that cause the website to malfunction. We do not make website backups after delivery (except during maintenance) so the best we can do is recreate your website.

What happens when my domain and hosting expires?

If you are the one that purchased this, a reminder for renewal would automatically be sent to you one month to its expiration date so we can help you renew. If We purchased them for you, you will receive an invoice for renewal from us within 3 weeks to its expiration.

Workflow & Milestones

Website Briefing/Questionnaire

You will be given a questionnaire form to fill and submit to us. This brief should broadly explain the premise of your business and how it operates. The more elaborate the brief, the better the outcome of the end product.
In this brief, you would talk about your target audience, what you would want from the website, how you’d want them to feel when looking at your website, what you want to get out of your website, who your competitors are and what they are doing.

Website Specifications and Discovery

We will review your company brief and come up with website specifications of which we believe would attract your customers. These specifications would be inline with the website package of which you have chosen.
We drill down into the information you gave to us in the questionnaire, then come up with a template solution and share with you in a document file. This file will reveal information that the client didn’t realize was important. On some occasions, that information can change the direction of the whole project!

Wireframe & Design concept

After we have acquired your domain and hosting information, we will share design concepts with you to choose from, just to give you an overview of what your website would look like.


Build & Content Incorporation

Your website would be put on a “coming soon” page. At this point, we will incorporate all the relevant contents to the website which includes texts, images, videos and more. We will then deliver these updates to you for your approval.
It’s time to gather your content in the form of text, photos, illustrations or videos. The type of content we need will have been identified in the previous steps. This content might be a straight lift from your current website or a reworking of your current website content, or entirely new work.
To make things a little easier, you may simply send in your business profile and we would see what can be curled out from them, or we can provide you with a prototype design concept and some online references that will help you in this process.

Client Review

You may want to review one more time before your website finally goes live.

Test and Deploy

The site will be thoroughly tested on laptops, tablets and cell phones to ensure that it looks just as good on all three. All functionalities such as forms, links, basic SEO, calendars, newsletters, etc will be tested to make sure that they are working as expected.
Once the project is complete, the testing is done, and project is signed off, your new website will then be taken off from “coming soon” and ready to be viewed by the public!
At this point you can send out your press release, blog about it on social media and/or initiate your media campaigns.

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