Medium Scale


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This is mostly for clients that have more to offer from their website, especially when you want to redesign your existing website.

With this package, you will never be left hanging after its completion. We would provide 1 month of free support and tutorials. 

Medium Scale

Ready to get your website up and running? Fill this form, make payment and expect an immediate follow up.
We will send you a brief questionnaire that you will fill and send back to us.
This is the final stage for us to get you ready for a brand new website.

Please note: All of our plans immediately commence upon receipt of 80% down payment

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    Workflow & Milestones

    Website Briefing/Questionnaire

    You will be given a brief questionnaire to fill and submit to us. This brief should broadly explain the premise of your business and how it operates. The more elaborate the brief, the better the outcome of the end product.
    In this brief, you would talk about your target audience, what you would want from the website, how you’d want them to feel when looking at your website, what you want to get out of your website, who your competitors are and what they are doing.

    Website Specifications and Discovery

    We will review your submitted brief and come up with website specifications of which we believe would attract your customers. These specifications would be inline with the website package of which you have chosen.
    We would drill down the information provided in the your answers, then come up with a template solution and share with you in a document file. This file will reveal information that you didn’t realize was important. On some occasions, that information can change the direction of the whole project!

    Wireframe & Design concept

    After we have acquired your domain and hosting information, we will share design concepts with you to choose from, just to give you an overview of what your website would look like.


    Build & Content Incorporation

    Your website would be put on a “coming soon” page. At this point, we will incorporate all the relevant contents to the website which includes texts, images, videos and more. We will then deliver these updates to you for your approval.
    It’s time to gather your content in the form of text, photos, illustrations or videos. The type of content we need will have been identified in the previous steps. This content might be a straight lift from your current website or a reworking of your current website content, or entirely new work.
    To make things a little easier, you may simply send in your business profile and we would see what can be curled out from them, or we can provide you with a prototype design concept and some online references that will help you in this process.

    Client Review

    You may want to review one more time before your website finally goes live.

    Test and Deploy

    The site will be thoroughly tested on laptops, tablets and cell phones to ensure that it looks just as good on all three. All functionality such as forms, links, basic SEO, calendars, newsletters, etc will be tested to make sure that they are working as expected.
    Once the project is complete, the testing is done, and project is signed off, your new website will then be taken off from “coming soon” and ready to be viewed by the public!
    At this point you can send out your press release, blog about it on social media and/or initiate your media campaigns.