Cut your codes according to your size

Be it a fresh start-up or an established corporation, we have just the right packaged solution to begin with.

Small Scale
  • Up to 3 design concepts

  • Up to 500 words of content ?

  • Up to 5 photo contents ?

  • Up to 1 video content ?

  • Up to 1 custom feature ?

  • Tutorial on maintenance

Medium Scale
  • Up to 5 design concepts

  • Up to 1,500 words of content ?

  • Up to 10 photo contents ?

  • Up to 3 video contents ?

  • Up to 3 custom features ?

  • 1 Month Free Maintenance + Tutorial

  • Up to 8 design concepts

  • Up to 5,000 words of content ?

  • Up to 25 photo contents ?

  • Up to 5 video contents ?

  • Up to  5 custom features ?

  • 1 Month Free Maintenance + Tutorial

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Our packages have been further explained

Email & Web Hosting

Our websites are usually built using the client's choice of web hosting. Therefore, the number of emails and web hosting resources to be used would be determined by package chosen by the client

Design Concepts

There are over 100,000 website beautifully designed templates that exists across all CMS platforms, hence, can be challenging to know which to actually settle for. We will share the very best of which we believe would be suitable for your business according to the brief being shared with us.

Words of Content

Written contents are the compiled amount of written asset on every website page. This includes homepage, about us, contact, service etc. Client must submit these written contents in an editable document file, and the total number of words must not exceed the figures stated in the selected package.

Photo & Video Contents

The total number of photo and video files that would be published on your website. This excludes contents such as icons and vector images. If client is to submit image files, they must be delivered in jpeg, png or gif formats.

Custom Features

Custom features are those extra features that make your website functional. Features may include, contact form, live chat, newsletters, extra security, membership pages etc. Client must discuss the important features that they require on their website

Website Maintenance

All our websites are developed with the client in mind so that they may easily manage by themselves. We however offer maintenance as a standalone service. Client may choose to engage with us for these services.

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